HikVision Replacement Cameras

Are you looking for HikVision replacement cameras?

If so, you're in the right place! We carry Dripstone cameras that are fully compatible with all Hikvision Turbo HD-DVR's and all other TVI-DVR brands, featuring the same quality, reliability, and operational characteristics.

Dripstone products were made to perform at the utmost level in all situations, under the harshest conditions, and cover any use case scenario or specialized need. This is achieved by using the best materials and the most state of the art components and parts available in the field. For example, in the “heart” of all Dripstone cameras you will find a Sony CMOS sensor, all cases are made by durable materials and matching the IP66 certification requirements, and all lenses are made out of ED glass that ensure minimal chromatic aberration, low light dispersion, and optimal image quality. All of this is offered at a much lower retail price compared to HikVision cameras, and without any discount in the quality whatsoever.

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