Vandal Proof Security Cameras for Maximum Protection

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Choosing security cameras for the video surveillance system that you plan to install in your home or office can look like a formidable task when you look at the wide selection of the latest models and the assortment of features that each one offers. Narrowing down your choices by making a list of the features and capabilities that you want to build into the security system that you are planning is the first step that will weed out many of those models that look attractive but may not be the right one for you.

Installing video surveillance systems can be left to the experts in the business but you have to actively participate in the selection of the security cameras because once the job is done, it is annoying to find that your security system is lacking in certain aspects, such as ample protection for the costly cameras that you have installed.

Outdoor security cameras are the first security barriers for your home and office. These are exposed to the elements and can be damaged by factors that include bad weather conditions, accidents, and deliberate destruction by vandals. Vandal-proof security cameras are very important because the inclusion of these cameras in your security system means protection against intruders whose first action is to disable or damage the security cameras.

Vandal Proof Security Camera


What Is A Vandal Proof Security Camera

A vandal proof security camera is designed to withstand deliberate abuse such as blows from heavy objects that can damage the lens and stop the camera from working. Thus, the vandal proof camera is outfitted with a sturdy metal housing that can withstand physical abuse. The housings are ruggedly built to withstand direct blows, and an additional protective layer for the lens is likewise included through a vandal-resistant polycarbonate lens layer.

The design of the camera can include other features like hard to remove screws for the camera housing that make dismantling difficult, and other barriers that you may wish to install, for example a sturdy wire mesh or metal grills. Adopting additional protective measures can prevent vandals from tearing out video surveillance cameras through brute force.


Vandal Proof Camera – What to Look For and How to Install the Security Camera

As stated above, vandal proof cameras are designed to protect it from being damage by blows inflicted by intruders who do not want their activities to be monitored and recorded. In addition to the sturdy housing that protects it from blows, vandal proof security cameras have other features that provide additional layers of protection from intruders who are intent on damaging the camera. Choosing the location of the camera to keep it out of reach is another protective measure.

  • Vandal proof camera domes can be made from clear or black plastic that cover the sensitive camera lens from physical attack. These are made from polycarbonate or other materials that are tough, thick, and extremely difficult to crack or damage. A black dome is used for rotating cameras to prevent vandals from spotting the direction at which the camera is pointing.
  • Bulletproof housing for security cameras is specially constructed and ballistic rated for strength and durability to provide a level of protection against bullets and other projectiles.
  • Protection using color filters can prevent laser pointer pens from damaging the camera lens. Laser pens can damage the lens and render the camera useless. Most lasers are monochromatic, and the use of color filters will reduce its effect on the camera. When using color filters for protection, you should be aware that these affect the quality of the image and the light sensitivity of the security camera.
  • Installing the camera in hard to reach areas, for example along the eaves of the roof or high on the wall to keep it out of normal reach will help in keeping it vandal proof.
  • Choosing a camera design that blends with its location prevents vandalism since most intruders will not immediately spot its location. Alternatively, when you are located in an area that is prone to vandalism, you can team up the concealed camera with a fake unit to mislead intruders. 
  • Installing a varifocal camera gives you more flexibility in its location. For example, when you want the camera away from reach of vandals but the only possible location gives a very limited view of the part of the house that you want to monitor when using a fixed lens camera, the varifocal is a good solution. You can install the varifocal a good distance away from your area of interest, and then adjust it to cover exactly the same area that you want to monitor.
  • You can team up your security cameras with motion sensors or other alarm systems that will provide ample warning when an intruder is within the perimeters of your house or business establishment. Triggering the alarm is enough deterrent for many vandals to keep away from the area immediately.


Benefits of Vandal Proof Surveillance Cameras

Installing vandal proof security cameras means that you get round-the-clock protection against intruders who take advantage of every opportunity that aids theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry for malicious intents. You feel safer knowing that your security cameras, the first layer to your home security, are tough enough to withstand deliberate attacks to disable the system.

The footages you get from vandal proof video surveillance systems keep you informed of any attempts to breach the security of your home. It will give you important details like the face of the intruders or their general appearance when they are masked, car make and color, and other details that can aid in their identification.

Taking the extra effort to keep the installation of the security cameras vandal proof, and choosing camera models that are designed to withstand heavy blows and other abuse that may be inflicted by malicious persons keep these costly equipment away from the risk from being damaged or losing functionality.



The selective installation of vandal proof video surveillance cameras are an essential consideration when you are planning a home or business security system. They can withstand deliberate abuse, and even you are away from the site, the security cameras will continuously function to provide you important information such as attempts to breach your security.

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