Remote Viewing for Video Surveillance Systems

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Video surveillance systems with remote viewing are good investments for people who spend much of their time away from home. People who lead busy lives may spend very little time at home, but they value the security of their home and properties as much as any other person. For busy people who are always on the go, installing a good security system that allows them to check their home anytime puts them at ease and frees them to undertake other pursuits.


Remote Video Surveillance

Remote video surveillance systems allow people who spend much of their time at their jobs or traveling view footages from the security cameras in real time. Remote viewing is made possible by DDNS, which you can avail free from some online providers, or through a paid subscription. Through DDNS video management software, you can configure your security system to send alerts to your email account or smartphone when something unusual has triggered an alarm.

Your video surveillance cameras are limited to local network viewing until you have configured the system for post-forwarding. Through post-forwarding, the network or router port used by your IP cameras is forwarded to the Web, which you can then access by typing the IP address in your browser. Access is password-protected to prevent unscrupulous persons from tampering with your security system.

IP security cameras allow remote viewing from any PC wired with Internet connectivity or from a smartphone. First, you have to configure DDNS and port-forwarding to obtain an IP address to view online. Once you have installed and configured DDNS, you simply type the IP address of your security camera in your Internet browser to establish remote access. Though Web browser support to security cameras varies by manufacturer, many have typical compatibilities that will enable you to access your system easily. 

Mobile monitoring

When you purchase an IP camera, there is a good chance that the unit is packaged with a mobile surveillance app that allows you to view and manage your security cameras remotely. Remote viewing apps are mostly compatible with Android smartphones, iPhone and iPad, but vary in features and capabilities. You can use the app bundled with the security camera, or install another that is more to your liking. Remote viewing apps have features that include viewing of multiple security cameras simultaneously, play back security footages, search for specific archived videos, and if you own a PTZ (pan-tilt-view) camera, to control its settings remotely. The requirements for remote viewing through a smart device are similar when viewing from a desktop or laptop. You will need the IP address of the security system and Internet connectivity.

Remote viewing and mobile surveillance are similar in many respects, but each has its own pros and cons. You have more flexibility when using a smartphone because you can check your home security cameras anytime, provided you have good Internet coverage in the area. Intermittent Internet connectivity will not give you continuous feeds, and the risk of losing the connection is high. With remote monitoring through a laptop or PC, Internet connectivity allows you greater control for managing the cameras remotely, recording video, and reviewing security footages that are of particular interest.

Advantages of Remote Security Camera Viewing

Off-site monitoring of video surveillance cameras is important for people who stay far from home most of the time, particularly when there is no one around who can check the security of your home regularly for you. It is also practical for parents who have young children at home who require regular monitoring to get some assurance that they are safe. For business owners, remote viewing is a convenient way of checking in the office or business premises from the comfort of your home or from any location when you are away for other business transactions.

The convenience of remote viewing gives homeowners and business executives the freedom to attend to work, enjoy leisure activities, and even go on prolonged vacations without compromising the security of home and office. It is similar to having your own guard in the premises, especially when your security system has sensors that will trigger an alarm. You can program to receive these security alerts through email or other messaging systems, or have these alerts sent directly to security services.

There are models of IP cameras and mobile apps that allow you to arm and disarm the security system from your mobile device, watch live video streams of security footages, and perform mundane activities such as turning appliances and lights on or off to make it appear like someone is in residence when you are away. By installing advanced models of security gadgets and the latest apps, you will have more freedom of movement knowing that you can check on the security status of your home and office with a touch of your finger.

Remote Viewing Features

In summary, remote viewing of video surveillance systems is a convenience that you can incorporate in your security system when you are planning to install one, or if you already have a home security network, upgrade some of the devices to enable remote viewing. There are definite advantages to remote viewing that will make your security system more responsive to your lifestyle.

  • Direct access for viewing live streams or real-time video footages from your security cameras
  • Program sending of recorded video footages at convenient schedules for your viewing
  • Receiving security alerts or images on your smartphone or email account when there are signs of tampering, vandalism, or unauthorized entry to home and office premises
  • Archive video footages received through email for evidentiary purposes
  • Managing and controlling the video surveillance cameras remotely
  • Review recorded footages at leisure

Homeowners believe in the importance of installing home security cameras to protect home and family. Business owners use a security system to keep abreast of the activities in their office or establishment. Remote viewing for video surveillance systems can mean additional expense for upgrading your security cameras, but this will translate to more flexibility in your schedules, timely alerts, and the convenience of checking on your home anytime whenever you are traveling.  

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