Do You Really Need a Home Security Camera System?

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Home security cameras have become more affordable in the past years, with basic security kits being offered at affordable cost. Many years back, security cameras were found mostly in business establishments, and come in bulky, difficult to install devices that require costly films and reels of tape if you want to record actual images. Current technology advances have made security systems affordable to average homeowners, and digital technology has made recordings possible with minimal cost.

The use of video surveillance cameras in homes and offices have expanded to include monitoring of activities, people, and other objects of interest, though its prime role remains providing an additional layer of security to homes and offices by seeing and sensing intruders before they get the chance to enter.

Security cameras were used initially in public places as a deterrent to crime and to obtain evidence that will help in solving crimes. In industrial settings, cameras were deployed in high danger zones, for example in chemical factories and nuclear plants, in areas that are not safe for people to enter. From these classified and selective uses, security cameras have found their way into the homes of average people who put a high value in ensuring the safety of their home and family.




Home Security Kits

The cost of security cameras has decreased dramatically, such that it does not require a huge budget to install a reliable home security system. Professionally installed and monitored home security systems continue to be popular among many homeowners who can afford the hefty monthly cost charged by security professionals. However, average homeowners who desire a higher level of security for their family and home can find plenty of do-it-yourself options that work just as well.

Some of the simplest home security kits can be easily installed within an hour or two, and these are quite affordable. For a start, you can look at the following options that are available from companies who supply these devices.


  • For a budget less than $200, you can purchase a security kit package that includes four security cameras and a DVR (digital video recorder) with substantial data storage capability. Security kits usually include mounting screws for the cameras, power adapter for the cameras and the DVR, and a sufficient length of BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) cables for wiring the system. Affordable kits such as these are best for a do-it-yourself security project, particularly when this is your first security system. You can upgrade and update this system as necessary, for example, change to more powerful cameras or add special types of cameras with special features like night vision and motion sensors as the need arise.


  • For bigger homes and yards that require more extensive monitoring, a network security system can be more appropriate. As an example, kits for a networked security system sell for about $1000 or less. The network security kit usually includes an NVR (network video recorder) with multiple channels and built-in Ethernet ports, IP cameras with PoE capability, video cameras, Ethernet cable, and a start-up guide. The NVR can be plugged into a wall outlet, while the IP cameras with PoE can be connected to the NVR with the Ethernet cable for sending and receiving signals. The Ethernet cable supplies power to the IP cameras through PoE (Power over Ethernet).



If the available kits are not to your liking, you can purchase each device individually and secure the services of security professionals for installing the system. You can also choose wireless systems so you can do away with hardwiring and simply have to fix the cameras in place.

Once you have purchased and installed the security system, you will feel more at peace when you are away from home because of the additional layer of protection provided by the security system.


Advantages of Security Systems

Though protection is the foremost reason why homeowners install home security cameras, there are other advantages as well that you will appreciate when you have the security system in place.


  • Security cameras are deterrents to vandalism and crime. Homes and establishments with visible security camera installations are less prone to attacks of vandalism and petty theft because the security camera records every image within its viewing angle. The images can serve as evidence in courts and can be used to identify criminals.


  • In homes, offices, and business establishments, security cameras dissuade staff from lagging in their jobs, making them more productive during their work hours. The cameras also deter petty theft and other illegal or unusual activities among the staff when the homeowner is not around.


  • Security camera footages can be used to settle disputes among office staff and family members or domestic staff, particularly when the disagreement stems from an event that has occurred that resulted to some issues and damages to property. There are many models of cameras to choose from, and these include types that can be covertly installed indoors, where the camera blends with the décor or house fixture.


  • When you have to leave home for some days and want to keep abreast of the events happening in your home or office, you can access security footages to review home or office activities. Remote viewing is possible if you install IP cameras and the appropriate apps that enable you to access live streams or review archived footages.


  • You can keep track of young children, babysitters, and elderly family members though security cameras. This gives you peace of mind when you have to leave home and other persons have to come into the house.


  • Security cameras are known to reduce homeowner’s insurance by as much as 20%. This is a cost saving that makes the security system pay its cost, or part of its cost, in the long term.




Many homeowners do not feel the need for security cameras, but when they do, it means that something has happened that could have been prevented. It could be a single event, or it could be something that has gone on for some time and has compromised the safety of the family. Thus, with costs becoming more affordable, home security cameras are finding their way into many homes.

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