Everything You Should Know Before Buying a Video Surveillance System

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Video surveillance systems don’t usually fall into the short lists of a company’s must-have equipment. But these things can actually be highly important to a business’ bottom line. Whether the person owns a retail shop or a dental office, video surveillance will not only help save their business assets, but also increase the productiveness and give out excellent customer service. And thanks to its remote access capabilities, people who use video surveillance systems will get even more bang for their buck from an IP-based object.



Video surveillance cameras must also be part of your additional home security system, since they can also act as a way of catching and identifying convict burglars. Video surveillance cameras are more than just deterrents – Video feeds that are caught on tape can be used as evidence, which can help land a crook in jail. They serve as an additional measure of protection, especially because burglars usually prefer to victimize an easy target.


Breakthroughs in video surveillance technology have led to the possibility of viewing your remote security camera from any Internet-enabled PC or smartphone.


What is Remote Video Surveillance Viewing?



Remote video surveillance allows users to look at real live videos straight from their computers or laptops, no matter where they are – As long as the person has internet access. To facilitate remote viewing, they just need to type in the IP address of their network’s camera inside the browser, similar to a website. This can be achieved by using DDNS and port-forwarding. After they’re done configuring the DDNS, port-forwarding, and have managed to acquire an IP address to view things on the Internet, the user can now see what it’s like to look at their security camera systems from a far location. Remote security cameras are usually compatible with a broad variety of Internet browsers. Keep in mind that certain Internet browsers’ support will usually depend on the manufacturer. Remote video surveillance is excellent for those who are always away from their homes, and therefore cannot access their local computer systems.


What is Remote Mobile Surveillance Viewing?



Whenever a person is on vacation at a faraway country, travelling for work, or just wants to monitor their children, there are certain tools that can transform their computer’s webcam or IP camera into a surveillance camera. With the help of this device, they can closely observe what’s happening in their homes and businesses, with just using their smartphones or tablets.



Remote video surveillance brings remote monitoring to a different level. Lots of IP camera makers provide mobile surveillance apps and programs for free. These programs provide the user with the power to be able to look at and manage their security cameras using a tablet or a smartphone. Plenty of these security camera apps let them view various cameras at the same time, control its PTZ settings, get a glimpse of the camera’s recorded images, browse through the archives, and play back events, among other things. This is just the same as how one would look at their security cameras on a separate laptop or tablet. But to be able to do so, the user needs to have a good Internet connection, as well as an IP address.


Features of a Video Surveillance System


Users can do many things using remote monitoring to watch some live videos. A whole variety of NVR brands and IP cameras provide some good web interfaces and cloud services, which they can access even while in remote locations. These virtual platforms let users take helm of the camera’s settings and fix the IP camera system, just like being on the Internet.


Images are delivered to the user’s phone. They can also modify their IP cameras so that the recorded pictures are sent straight away to their email accounts, or smartphones through MMS, whenever it detects a case of motion, tampering, or vandalism. These pictures can also be delivered with an assigned schedule, to keep users informed of whatever the video has captured.


Certain NVR makers provide remote web interfaces, as well as provide good access to an IP camera system. These online platforms provide users with immediate access to a live camera display, along with some captured video footage. The video streaming also works well on PCs, and specific smartphones. Users just have to log in to the NVR’s web interface or application, to check out some real-time monitoring and observation.


With this kind of video management software, users will be able to modify their security cameras, to make them send email alerts to their own emails, smartphones and iPhones as a way to store important footage, which can be used as evidence later on.


Showing videos captured in real time is the main selling point for these remote and mobile monitoring cameras. Getting to directly access a live camera feed will give its users the ability to control their property, without actually being present.


One more advantage of remote monitoring and mobile surveillance is being able to use mobile apps, as well as NVR web interfaces. Users can utilize these to look at some recorded footage. This feature is helpful when the user is currently away from home – They are free to watch and re-watch these recorded videos, and decide if it’s worth keeping an eye out for.


For some extra mobility, go search for a camera that comes with built-in intelligence. Some people might want the ability to set up alarms for different events. Once these alarms are activated, they will receive an email alert. For example, users can modify the software to email them if a stranger gains access to the back of their house between 7:00 in the evening, to 5:00 in the morning. Alarms can also be set up to send off a phone alert, in case of an incident that needs a quick response, such as a phone call to the police station.




Even though these remote monitoring and mobile surveillance systems have plenty of advantages, it’s a sad fact that crime still happens everywhere. Great surveillance camera systems can help promote a calmer state of mind, since users can view their camera’s video feed wherever they may go.

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